Package com.jniwrapper.win32.automation.types

The com.jniwrapper.win32.automation.types package contains various Automation types wrappers, such as Variant, BStr, SafeArray and other.


Interface Summary
ParamFlags The ParamFlags class corresponds to PARAMFLAG native constants.

Class Summary
ArrayDesc This structure contains information about an array and corresponds to ARRAYDESC native structure.
BindPtr The class BindPtr corresponds to the BINDPTR native union.
BStr This type is an analog of WideString, usually used by Automation and corresponds to BSTR native type.
CallConv This enumeration contains IDs of calling conventions for member functions and corresponds to CALLCONV native enumeration.
Decimal This structure represents a decimal data type and corresponds to DECIMAL native structure.
DescKind The DescKind class corresponds to DESCKIND native enumeration.
DispID This type is used in IDIspatch::Invoke and corresponds to DISPID native type.
DispParams This structure contains arguments passed to a method and corresponds to DISPPARAMS native structure.
ElemDesc The ElemDesc class corresponds to ELEMDESC native structure.
ExcepInfo This structure contains information about exception in IDispatch::Invoke and corresponds to EXCEPINFO native structure.
FuncDesc This structure contains information about function and corresponds to FUNCDESC native structure.
FuncFlags The FuncFlags class corresponds to FUNCFLAGS native enumeration.
FuncKind The FuncKind class corresponds to FUNCKIND native enumeration.
IDLDesc The IDLDesc class corresponds to IDLDESC native structure.
ImplTypeFlags The ImplTypeFlags class corresponds to IMPLTYPEFLAG native constants.
InvokeKind The InvokeKind class corresponds to INVOKEKIND native enumeration.
MemberID This type is synonym for DISPID type and corresponds to MEMBERID native type.
ParamDesc The ParamDesc class corresponds to PARAMDESC native structure.
ParamDescEx The ParamDescEx class corresponds to PARAMDESCEX native structure.
RegKind The RegKind class corresponds to REGKIND native enumeration.
SafeArray This class is the special helper class for working with SafeArray.SafeArrayStructure, which corresponds to the SAFEARRAY data type.
SafeArrayBound This structure contains bounds for dimension of an array and corresponds to SAFEARRAYBOUND native structure.
SysKind This enumeration contains IDs for types of an operating system and corresponds to SYSKIND native enumeration.
TLibAttr This structure describes type library and corresponds to TLIBATTR native structure.
TypeAttr The TypeAttr class corresponds to TYPEATTR native structure.
TypeDesc This structure contains information about variable, return type of the function, parameter of the function and corresponds to TYPEDESC native structure.
TypeFlags The TypeFlags class corresponds to TYPEFLAGS native enumeration.
TypeKind The TypeKind class corresponds to TYPEKIND native enumeration.
VarDesc This structure contains information about the variable, data member, constant and corresponds to VARDESC native structure.
VarFlags The VarFlags class corresponds to VARFLAGS native enumeration.
Variant The Variant class corresponds to VARIANT native structure.
VariantArg This structure is used with DISPPARAMS, VARIANT and corresponds to VARIANTARG native structure.
VariantBool The VariantBool class corresponds to VARIANT_BOOL native type.
VarKind The VarKind class corresponds to VARKIND native enumeration.
VarType This enumeration is used in VARIANT, TYPEDESC, and SafeArrays and corresponds to VARTYPE native enumeration.

Package com.jniwrapper.win32.automation.types Description

The com.jniwrapper.win32.automation.types package contains various Automation types wrappers, such as Variant, BStr, SafeArray and other.