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Packages that use ComEnumeration
com.jniwrapper.win32.automation.types The com.jniwrapper.win32.automation.types package contains various Automation types wrappers, such as Variant, BStr, SafeArray and other. The package contains Java wrappers for native structures and types, which are commonly used in COM. 
com.jniwrapper.win32.mshtml.types The com.jniwrapper.win32.mshtml.types package contains Java wrappers for native structures and types related to MSHTML. 
com.jniwrapper.win32.ole.types The com.jniwrapper.win32.mshtml.types package contains Java wrappers for native structures and types that are commonly used in OLE. 
com.jniwrapper.win32.stg.types The com.jniwrapper.win32.stg.types package contains Java wrappers for native structures and types that are commonly used in the Structured Storage API. 

Uses of ComEnumeration in com.jniwrapper.win32.automation.types

Subclasses of ComEnumeration in com.jniwrapper.win32.automation.types
 class CallConv
          This enumeration contains IDs of calling conventions for member functions and corresponds to CALLCONV native enumeration.
 class DescKind
          The DescKind class corresponds to DESCKIND native enumeration.
 class FuncFlags
          The FuncFlags class corresponds to FUNCFLAGS native enumeration.
 class FuncKind
          The FuncKind class corresponds to FUNCKIND native enumeration.
 class ImplTypeFlags
          The ImplTypeFlags class corresponds to IMPLTYPEFLAG native constants.
 class InvokeKind
          The InvokeKind class corresponds to INVOKEKIND native enumeration.
 class RegKind
          The RegKind class corresponds to REGKIND native enumeration.
 class SysKind
          This enumeration contains IDs for types of an operating system and corresponds to SYSKIND native enumeration.
 class TypeFlags
          The TypeFlags class corresponds to TYPEFLAGS native enumeration.
 class TypeKind
          The TypeKind class corresponds to TYPEKIND native enumeration.
 class VarFlags
          The VarFlags class corresponds to VARFLAGS native enumeration.
 class VarKind
          The VarKind class corresponds to VARKIND native enumeration.

Uses of ComEnumeration in

Subclasses of ComEnumeration in
 class ClsCtx
          The ClsCtx class corresponds to CLSCTX native enumeration.
 class RegCls
          Class RegCls represents REGCLS enumeration.

Uses of ComEnumeration in com.jniwrapper.win32.mshtml.types

Subclasses of ComEnumeration in com.jniwrapper.win32.mshtml.types
 class ContextMenuTarget
          This class contains DWORD constants used in the IDocHostUIHandler::showContextMenu method.
 class DocHostUIDblClk
          Represents COM enumeration DOCHOSTUIDBLCLK.
 class DocHostUIFlag
          Represents COM enumeration DOCHOSTUIFLAG.

Uses of ComEnumeration in com.jniwrapper.win32.ole.types

Subclasses of ComEnumeration in com.jniwrapper.win32.ole.types
 class AdviceFlags
          This enumeration defines flags used by a container to specify the requested behavior when setting up an advise sink or a caching connection with an object and corresponds to ADVF native enumeration.
 class BindFlags
          This enumeration contains IDs that used to control moniker binding operations and corresponds to BIND_FLAGS native enumeration.
 class DataDir
          This enumeration specifies the direction of the data flow for the IDataObject.enumFormatEtc(com.jniwrapper.win32.ole.types.DataDir) method.
 class DocMisc
          This enumeration provides miscellaneous property information about a document object.
 class DropEffect
          This enumeration provides flags for effects of a drag-and-drop operation.
 class DvAspect
          This enumeration specifies the desired data or view aspect of the object when drawing or getting data.
 class KeyModifiers
          Values of this enumeration are flags used in calls to describe additional keyboard states.
 class MshCtx
          Represents the wrapper for MSHCTX type.
 class MshlFlags
          Represents the wrapper for MSHLFLAGS type.
 class OleClose
          Values of this enumeration are used by the IOleObject.close(com.jniwrapper.win32.ole.types.OleClose) method to determine whether the object should be saved before closing.
 class OleCmdExecOpt
          This enumeration specifies command execution options.
 class OleCmdFlags
          Values of this enumeration designate support provided by an object for the command in OleCmd structure.
 class OleCmdID
          This enumeration defines IDs for standard commands and corresponds to OLECMDID native enumeration.
 class OleCmdTextFlags
          This enumeration specifies the type of information that an object should store in the OleCmdText structure.
 class OleContf
          This enumeration defines IDs for kind of objects enumerated by method IOleContainer::EnumObjects and corresponds to OLECONTF native enumeration.
 class OleCreate
          This enumeration defines IDs for dwFlags parameter passed to OleCreateXXX functions and corresponds to OLECREATE native enumeration.
 class OleGetMoniker
          This enumeration defines IDs for dwAssign parameter passed to methods IOleObject::GetMoniker, IOleClientSite::GetMoniker and corresponds to OLEGETMONIKER native enumeration.
 class OleLinkBind
          This enumeration defines IDs for the type of behavior in method IOleLink::BindToSource and corresponds to OLELINKBIND native enumeration.
 class OleMisc
          This structure corresponds to OLEMISC native enumeration.
 class OleRender
          This enumeration defines IDs for the type of caching during creation of objects and corresponds to OLERENDER native enumeration.
 class OleUIPasteFlag
          This enumeration defines IDs for options of pasting and corresponds to OLEUIPASTEFLAG native enumeration.
 class OleUpdate
          This enumeration defines IDs for specifying when update cached data: automatically, or on calls of IOleObject::Update, IOleLink::Update methods.
 class OleVerbAttrib
          This enumeration defines IDs used in OleVerb structure and corresponds to OLEVERBATTRIB native enumeration.
 class OleVerbs
          This enumeration contains constants for IOleObject::DoVerb method.
 class OleWhichMk
          This enumeration constants indicate which part of an object's moniker is being set or retrieved.
 class RotFlags
          This class contains DWORD constants used in the IRunningObjectTable::Register method.
 class TyMed
          Values of this enumeration indicate the type of storage medium being used in a data transfer.
 class UserClassType
          The UserClassType corresponds to USERCLASSTYPE native enumeration.
 class XFormCoords
          This class contains DWORD constants used in the IOleControlSite::TransformCoords method.

Uses of ComEnumeration in com.jniwrapper.win32.stg.types

Subclasses of ComEnumeration in com.jniwrapper.win32.stg.types
 class LockType
          Enumeration values indicate the type of locking requested for the specified range of bytes.
 class StatFlag
          This class corresponds to STATFLAG native enumeration.
 class StgCommit
          This class corresponds to STGC native enumeration.
 class StgFmt
          This class corresponds to STGFMT native enumeration.
 class StgMode
          The enumeration defines conditions for creating, deleting and accessing structured storage objects.
 class StgTy
          This class corresponds to STGTY native enumeration.
 class StreamSeek
          The StreamSeek class corresponds to STREAM_SEEK native enumeration.