Uses of Interface

Packages that use IUnknown
com.jniwrapper.win32.automation This package provides interfaces, their implementaitons, utility classes and data types for working with Microsoft Automation. 
com.jniwrapper.win32.automation.impl The com.jniwrapper.win32.automation.impl package contains default client implementations of COM interfaces introduced in the com.jniwrapper.win32.automation package. 
com.jniwrapper.win32.automation.types The com.jniwrapper.win32.automation.types package contains various Automation types wrappers, such as Variant, BStr, SafeArray and other. The package contains a number of standard COM interfaces wrappers. The package contains default client implementations of COM interfaces introduced in the package. The package contains VTBL classes for COM interfaces introduced in the package. The package contains Java wrappers for native structures and types, which are commonly used in COM. 
com.jniwrapper.win32.mshtml The com.jniwrapper.win32.mshtml package contains a number of commonly used interfaces from the MSHTML library. 
com.jniwrapper.win32.mshtml.impl The com.jniwrapper.win32.mshtml.impl package contains default client implementations of COM interfaces introduced in the com.jniwrapper.win32.mshtml package. 
com.jniwrapper.win32.ole The com.jniwrapper.win32.mshtml package contains a number of interfaces that are used in the OLE technology. 
com.jniwrapper.win32.ole.impl The com.jniwrapper.win32.ole.impl package contains default client implementations of COM interfaces introduced in the com.jniwrapper.win32.ole package. 
com.jniwrapper.win32.ole.types The com.jniwrapper.win32.mshtml.types package contains Java wrappers for native structures and types that are commonly used in OLE. 
com.jniwrapper.win32.stg The com.jniwrapper.win32.stg package contains a number of commonly used interfaces from the Structured Storage API. 
com.jniwrapper.win32.stg.impl The com.jniwrapper.win32.stg.impl package contains default client implementations of COM interfaces introduced in the com.jniwrapper.win32.stg package. 

Uses of IUnknown in com.jniwrapper.win32.automation

Subinterfaces of IUnknown in com.jniwrapper.win32.automation
 interface IDispatch
          The IDispatch interface exposes methods and properties for Automation.
 interface IDispatchEx
          The IDispatchEx interface is an extension of the IDispatch interface.
 interface IRecordInfo
          This class describes the structure of a particular user-defined data type.
 interface ITypeComp
          This interface retrieves information for binding and instantiating interfaces or structures.
 interface ITypeInfo
          This interface retrieves information about an object.
 interface ITypeLib
          This interface retrieves information about objects in a type library.

Classes in com.jniwrapper.win32.automation that implement IUnknown
 class OleClientSiteImpl
          This is the base implementation of OleClientSite Java COM server which is used by OleContainer class for COM embedding.
If you need to add an additional functionality to OleContainer class then you need to derive your class from this one and implement the required COM interfaces.

Methods in com.jniwrapper.win32.automation that return IUnknown
 IUnknown OleMessageLoop.bindObject(IUnknown unknown)
          Binds the specified object to the thread.
 IUnknown IDispatchEx.getNameSpaceParent()

Methods in com.jniwrapper.win32.automation with parameters of type IUnknown
 IUnknown OleMessageLoop.bindObject(IUnknown unknown)
          Binds the specified object to the thread.
 void ITypeInfo.createInstance(IUnknown pUnkOuter, IID riid, IDispatch ppvObj)

Constructors in com.jniwrapper.win32.automation with parameters of type IUnknown
ScriptingAutomation(IUnknown unknown, boolean useCurrentThread)
ScriptingAutomation(IUnknown unknown)
Automation(IUnknown unknown, boolean useCurrentThread)
          Creates an Automation instance for a given IUnknown interface.
Automation(IUnknown unknown)
          Creates an Automation instance for a given IUnknown interface.

Uses of IUnknown in com.jniwrapper.win32.automation.impl

Classes in com.jniwrapper.win32.automation.impl that implement IUnknown
 class IDispatchExImpl
          Represents COM interface IDispatchEx
 class IDispatchImpl
          Represents COM interface IDispatch
 class IRecordInfoImpl
          Represents COM interface IRecordInfo
 class ITypeCompImpl
          Represents COM interface ITypeComp
 class ITypeInfoImpl
          Represents COM interface ITypeInfo
 class ITypeLibImpl
          Represents COM interface ITypeLib

Methods in com.jniwrapper.win32.automation.impl that return IUnknown
 IUnknown IDispatchExImpl.getNameSpaceParent()

Methods in com.jniwrapper.win32.automation.impl with parameters of type IUnknown
 void ITypeInfoImpl.createInstance(IUnknown pUnkOuter, IID iid, IDispatch pObj)

Constructors in com.jniwrapper.win32.automation.impl with parameters of type IUnknown
ITypeLibImpl(IUnknown that)
ITypeLibImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
ITypeInfoImpl(IUnknown that)
ITypeInfoImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
ITypeCompImpl(IUnknown that)
ITypeCompImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IRecordInfoImpl(IUnknown that)
IRecordInfoImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IDispatchImpl(IUnknown that)
IDispatchImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IDispatchExImpl(IUnknown that)
IDispatchExImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)

Uses of IUnknown in com.jniwrapper.win32.automation.types

Classes in com.jniwrapper.win32.automation.types that implement IUnknown
 class StructureInfo

Methods in com.jniwrapper.win32.automation.types that return IUnknown
 IUnknown Variant.getPunkVal()

Uses of IUnknown in

Subinterfaces of IUnknown in
 interface IClassFactory
          This interface provides methods for handling creation of new instances of a COM class.
 interface IClassFactory2
          This interface enables a class factory object, in any sort of object server, to control object creation through licensing.
 interface ICreateErrorInfo
          Represents Java interface for COM interface ICreateErrorInfo.
 interface IEnumMoniker
          This interface is used to enumerate the components of a moniker or the monikers in a table of monikers.
 interface IEnumString
          This interface is used to enumerate strings.
 interface IEnumUnknown
          This interface enumerates objects that implement IUnknown and are contained in the component.
 interface IErrorInfo
          Represents Java interface for COM interface IErrorInfo.
 interface IMalloc
          This interface is used for memory management.
 interface IMessageFilter
          Filtering messages helps to ensure that calls are handled in a manner that improves performance and avoids deadlocks.
 interface IMoniker
          This interface is used to find and activate COM objects.
 interface IPersist
          This is the base interface for other interfaces representing objects that can be stored persistently in the system.
 interface IPersistFile
          This interface provides a method for loading and saving files to a disk.
 interface IPersistStorage
          This interface defines methods that enable a container application to pass a storage object to one of its contained objects and to load and save the storage object.
 interface IPersistStream
          This interface provides methods for saving and loading objects by means of serial stream.
 interface IPersistStreamInit
          This interface is a replacement for the IPersistStream interface, and contains the InitNew method
 interface IServiceProvider
          IServiceProvider interface provides a generic way to locate a service by GUID.
 interface ISupportErrorInfo
          Represents Java interface for COM interface ISupportErrorInfo.

Classes in that implement IUnknown
 class AbstractOleControl
          An abstract implementation of OLE control, which allows to create new OLE control from a Swing component.
 class DispatchComServer
          This is the root class for the java COM servers.

Methods in that return IUnknown
 IUnknown MultiQI.getInterface()
 IUnknown IMoniker.bindToObject(IBindCtx pbc, IMoniker pmkToLeft, IID riidResult)
 IUnknown IMoniker.bindToStorage(IBindCtx pbc, IMoniker pmkToLeft, IID riid)
static IUnknown ComFunctions.coCreateInstance(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
          Creates a COM object of a specified class.
static IUnknown ComFunctions.getActiveObject(CLSID clsid)
          Retrieves a running object that has been registered with OLE.

Methods in with parameters of type IUnknown
 void IUnknown.queryInterface(IID iid, IUnknown requiredInterface)
          Retrieves pointers to the supported interfaces on an object.
 void IServiceProvider.queryService(GUID guidService, IID iid, IUnknown reqService)
 void IClassFactory2.createInstanceLic(IUnknown outer, IUnknown reserved, IID iid, BStr bstrKey, IUnknown result)
          Creates an instance of the licensed object given a license key from IClassFactory2.requestLicKey(com.jniwrapper.UInt32, com.jniwrapper.win32.automation.types.BStr)
 void IClassFactory.createInstance(IUnknown outer, IID iid, IUnknown result)
          Creates an uninitialized object.
 void IClassFactory.createInstance(IUnknown outer, java.lang.String stringIID, IUnknown result)
          Creates an uninitialized object.
static void ComFunctions.coCreateInstance(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext, IUnknown pReqInterface)
          Creates a COM object of a specified class.
static void ComFunctions.coCreateInstance(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext, IID iid, IUnknown pReqInterface)
          Creates a COM object of a specified class.
static void ComFunctions.coCreateInstanceEx(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext, CoServerInfo serverInfo, IUnknownImpl pReqInterface)
          Creates a COM object of a specified class.
static void ComFunctions.coGetClassObject(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext, Pointer.Void pvReserved, IUnknown ppv)
          Returns a pointer to the interface for a class object associated with a COM class.
static UInt32 ComFunctions.coRegisterClassObject(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnk, ClsCtx dwClsContext, RegCls flags)
          Registers EXE class object so that other applications can connect to it.
static IUnknown ComFunctions.coCreateInstance(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
          Creates a COM object of a specified class.
static long ComFunctions.registerActiveObject(IUnknown unknown, CLSID clsid, boolean strong)
          Registers an object as the active object for its class.
static IMoniker ComFunctions.createObjrefMoniker(IUnknown unk)
          Creates an OBJREF moniker based on a pointer to an object.
static IMoniker ComFunctions.createPointerMoniker(IUnknown unk)
          Creates a pointer moniker based on a pointer to an object.

Uses of IUnknown in

Classes in that implement IUnknown
 class IClassFactory2Impl
          Represents COM interface IClassFactory2.
 class IClassFactoryImpl
          Represents COM interface IClassFactory.
 class ICreateErrorInfoImpl
          Represents COM interface ICreateErrorInfo.
 class IEnumMonikerImpl
          Represents COM interface IEnumMoniker.
 class IEnumStringImpl
          Represents COM interface IEnumString.
 class IEnumUnknownImpl
          Represents COM interface IEnumUnknown.
 class IEnumVariantImpl
          Represents COM interface IEnumVariant.
 class IErrorInfoImpl
          Represents COM interface IErrorInfo.
 class IMallocImpl
          Represents COM interface IMalloc.
 class IMessageFilterImpl
          Represents COM interface IMessageFilter.
 class IMonikerImpl
          Represents COM interface IMoniker.
 class IPersistFileImpl
          Represents COM interface IPersistFile.
 class IPersistImpl
          Represents COM interface IPersist.
 class IPersistStorageImpl
          Represents COM interface IPersistStorage.
 class IPersistStreamImpl
          Represents COM interface IPersistStream.
 class IPersistStreamInitImpl
          Represents COM interface IPersistStreamInit.
 class IServiceProviderImpl
          Represents COM interface IServiceProvider.
 class ISupportErrorInfoImpl
          Represents COM interface ISupportErrorInfo.
 class IUnknownImpl
          Class IUnknownImpl is an implementation of the IUnknown interface.

Methods in that return IUnknown
 IUnknown IMonikerImpl.bindToObject(IBindCtx pbc, IMoniker pmkToLeft, IID riidResult)
 IUnknown IMonikerImpl.bindToStorage(IBindCtx pbc, IMoniker pmkToLeft, IID riid)

Methods in with parameters of type IUnknown
 void IUnknownImpl.setValue(IUnknown newValue)
          Sets this interface pointer to the specified unknown pointer.
static boolean IUnknownImpl.isSameObject(IUnknown itf1, IUnknown itf2)
          Returns true if two interface pointers point to the same object else returns false
 void IUnknownImpl.queryInterface(IUnknown pReqInterface)
 void IUnknownImpl.queryInterface(IID iid, IUnknown pReqInterface)
 void IServiceProviderImpl.queryService(GUID guidService, IID iid, IUnknown reqService)
 void IClassFactoryImpl.createInstance(IUnknown outer, IID iid, IUnknown result)
 void IClassFactoryImpl.createInstance(IUnknown outer, java.lang.String stringIID, IUnknown result)
 void IClassFactory2Impl.createInstanceLic(IUnknown outer, IUnknown reserved, IID iid, BStr bstrKey, IUnknown result)

Constructors in with parameters of type IUnknown
IUnknownImpl(IUnknown that)
IUnknownImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
ISupportErrorInfoImpl(IUnknown that)
IServiceProviderImpl(IUnknown that)
IServiceProviderImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IPersistStreamInitImpl(IUnknown that)
IPersistStreamInitImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IPersistStreamImpl(IUnknown that)
IPersistStreamImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IPersistStorageImpl(IUnknown that)
IPersistStorageImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IPersistImpl(IUnknown that)
IPersistImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IPersistFileImpl(IUnknown that)
IPersistFileImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IMonikerImpl(IUnknown that)
IMonikerImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IMessageFilterImpl(IUnknown that)
IMallocImpl(IUnknown that)
IMallocImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IErrorInfoImpl(IUnknown that)
IEnumVariantImpl(IUnknown that)
IEnumVariantImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IEnumUnknownImpl(IUnknown that)
IEnumUnknownImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IEnumStringImpl(IUnknown that)
IEnumStringImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IEnumMonikerImpl(IUnknown that)
IEnumMonikerImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
ICreateErrorInfoImpl(IUnknown that)
IClassFactoryImpl(IUnknown that)
IClassFactoryImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IClassFactory2Impl(IUnknown that)
IClassFactory2Impl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)

Uses of IUnknown in

Classes in that implement IUnknown
 class IClassFactoryServer
          This class provides default server-side implementation of the IClassFactory interface.
 class IDispatchServer
          This class provides default server-side implementation of IDispatch interface.
 class IUnknownServer
          This class provides default server-side implementation of IUnknown interface.

Methods in with parameters of type IUnknown
 void IUnknownServer.queryInterface(IID iid, IUnknown pReqInterface)
 void IUnknownServer.queryInterfaceAggregated(IID iid, IUnknown pReqInterface)
          If an aggregate object exists, calls the queryInterface method for it; otherwise calls the queryInterface method for a current object.
 boolean IUnknownServer.doQueryInterface(IID iid, IUnknown intf)
          Returns interface by IID.
 void IUnknownServer.create(IUnknown outerInterface, IID iid, IUnknown defInterface)
          Creates a co-class and returns its default interface.
 void IClassFactoryServer.createInstance(IUnknown outer, java.lang.String stringIID, IUnknown result)
 void IClassFactoryServer.createInstance(IUnknown outer, IID iid, IUnknown result)

Uses of IUnknown in

Methods in that return IUnknown
 IUnknown LongPtr.toIUknown()
          Converts this pointer to instance of IUnknown instance.

Uses of IUnknown in com.jniwrapper.win32.mshtml

Subinterfaces of IUnknown in com.jniwrapper.win32.mshtml
 interface IDocHostUIHandler
          This interface is utilized by application that hosts WebBrowser Control or Microsoft Internet Explorer and uses custom menus, toolbars, context menus.
 interface IDocHostUIHandler2
          Represents Java interface for COM interface IDocHostUIHandler2 interface.

Uses of IUnknown in com.jniwrapper.win32.mshtml.impl

Classes in com.jniwrapper.win32.mshtml.impl that implement IUnknown
 class IDocHostUIHandler2Impl
          Represents COM interface IDocHostUIHandler2.
 class IDocHostUIHandlerImpl
          Represents COM interface IDocHostUIHandler.

Constructors in com.jniwrapper.win32.mshtml.impl with parameters of type IUnknown
IDocHostUIHandlerImpl(IUnknown that)
IDocHostUIHandlerImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IDocHostUIHandler2Impl(IUnknown that)
IDocHostUIHandler2Impl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)

Uses of IUnknown in com.jniwrapper.win32.ole

Subinterfaces of IUnknown in com.jniwrapper.win32.ole
 interface IAdviseSink
          This interface is used to receive notifications about changes in the state of the object.
 interface IBindCtx
          This interface provides access to bind context.
 interface IConnectionPoint
          This interface is used for support of connectable objects.
 interface IConnectionPointContainer
          This interface is used for support of connectable objects.
 interface IContinueCallback
          This interface represents a listener for interruptions of programmatic printing.
 interface IDataObject
          This interface is used for data transfer and notifications about changes in data.
 interface IDropSource
          This interface is used for support of a drag-and-drop feature.
 interface IDropTarget
          This interface is used for support of a drag-and-drop feature.
 interface IEnumConnectionPoints
          This interface is used for support of connectable objects.
 interface IEnumConnections
          This interface is used for support of connectable objects.
 interface IEnumFormatEtc
          This interface enumerates FormatEtc structures.
 interface IEnumOleDocumentViews
          This interface enumerates views of a document object.
 interface IEnumOleVerb
          This interface enumerates verbs available for an object.
 interface IEnumStatData
          This interface is used to enumerate { @link com.jniwrapper.win32.ole.types.StatData} structures.
 interface IInPlacePrintPreview
          This interface is implemented by objects that support print preview.
 interface IObjectSafety
          This interface provides methods to get and set safety options.
 interface IObjectWithSite
          This interface enables communication between an object and its site in the container.
 interface IOleCache
          This interface supports cached presentations data of an object.
 interface IOleClientSite
          This interface enables communications between an object and its container.
 interface IOleCommandTarget
          This interface provides dispatching of commands from an object to its container and from the container to the object.
 interface IOleContainer
          This interface enumerates objects in a compound document.
 interface IOleControl
          This interface is used for keyboard mnemonic, events in control objects, and ambient properties support.
 interface IOleControlSite
          This interface supports embedding controls in the site.
 interface IOleDocument
          This interface is used by containers for receiving information about a document.
 interface IOleDocumentSite
          This interface implements each client site that hosts a document.
 interface IOleDocumentView
          This interface is used by containers for receiving information about views of a document.
 interface IOleInPlaceActiveObject
          This interface is used by the container to manipulate in-place objects when they are active.
 interface IOleInPlaceFrame
          This interface is used by applications for management of modeless dialog boxes, composite menus, and context-sensitive help.
 interface IOleInPlaceObject
          This interface is used for activation and deactivation of in-place objects.
 interface IOleInPlaceSite
          This interface enables communication between a client site of an in-place object and the container.
 interface IOleInPlaceSiteEx
          This interface is an extension of IOleInPlaceSite interface.
 interface IOleInPlaceUIWindow
          This interface is used by a document or frame window for managing space when a containing object is activated or changes size.
 interface IOleLink
          This interface allows containers to contain linked objects.
 interface IOleObject
          This interface provides functionality of an embedded object.
 interface IOleWindow
          This interface allows to access windows that participate in in-place activation.
 interface IParseDisplayName
          This interface converts a displayable name to moniker.
 interface IPreviewCallback
 interface IPrint
          This interface is implemented by objects that support programmatic printing.
 interface IPropertyNotifySink
          This interface is used by a sink object for receiving notifications about changes in a property of the object that implements IPropertyNotifySink interface.
 interface IProvideClassInfo
 interface IRunningObjectTable
          This object provides access to the Running Object Table (ROT).
 interface IViewObject
          This interface is used for drawing a contained object.
 interface IViewObject2
          This interface is an extension of IViewObject interface.

Methods in com.jniwrapper.win32.ole that return IUnknown
static IUnknown OleFunctions.oleLoad(IStorage pStg, IID riid, IOleClientSite pClientSite)
static IUnknown OleFunctions.unmarshallInterfaceFromStream(IStream stream)
          Deprecated. use OleFunctions.coGetInterfaceAndReleaseStream(com.jniwrapper.win32.stg.IStream, funcion.
static IUnknown OleFunctions.coGetInterfaceAndReleaseStream(IStream stream, IID riid)
          Wrapper for CoGetInterfaceAndReleaseStream API function.
static IUnknown OleFunctions.coGetInterfaceAndReleaseStream(IStream stream)
          Wrapper for CoGetInterfaceAndReleaseStream API function.
 IUnknown IRunningObjectTable.getObject(IMoniker pmkObjectName)
 IUnknown IOleLink.getBoundSource()
 IUnknown IOleDocumentView.getDocument()
 IUnknown IObjectWithSite.getSite(IID riid)
 IUnknown IBindCtx.getObjectParam(OleStr pszKey)

Methods in com.jniwrapper.win32.ole with parameters of type IUnknown
static Int32 OleFunctions.oleSetContainedObject(IUnknown pUnk, Int32 fContained)
static void OleFunctions.oleCreate(CLSID rclsid, IID riid, OleRender renderopt, FormatEtc pformatetc, IOleClientSite pClientSite, IStorage pStg, IUnknown ppvObject)
static void OleFunctions.oleCreateFromData(IDataObject pSrcDataObj, IID riid, OleRender renderopt, FormatEtc pformatetc, IOleClientSite pClientSite, IStorage pStg, IUnknown resultObject)
static void OleFunctions.oleCreateFromFile(CLSID rclsid, BStr lpszFileName, IID riid, OleRender renderopt, FormatEtc rgFormatEtc, IOleClientSite pClientSite, IStorage pStg, IUnknown ppvObject)
static void OleFunctions.oleNoteObjectVisible(IUnknown pUnknown, VariantBool fVisible)
static void OleFunctions.oleDraw(IUnknown pUnknown, DvAspect dwAspect, DC hdcDraw, Rect lprcBounds)
          The helper function can be used to draw objects more easily.
static void OleFunctions.oleRun(IUnknown pUnknown)
static void OleFunctions.oleLockRunning(IUnknown pUnknown, VariantBool fLock, VariantBool fLastUnlockCloses)
static void OleFunctions.oleCreateDefaultHandler(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, IID riid, Pointer.Void lplpObj)
static void OleFunctions.coDisconnectObject(IUnknown iUnknown)
          Disconnects all remote process connections being maintained on behalf of all the interface pointers that point to a specified object.
static IStream OleFunctions.marshallInterfaceToStream(IUnknown unknown)
          Deprecated. use either OleFunctions.coMarshalInterface(com.jniwrapper.win32.stg.IStream,,, com.jniwrapper.win32.ole.types.MshCtx, com.jniwrapper.win32.ole.types.MshlFlags) or OleFunctions.coMarshalInterThreadInterfaceInStream(, methods.
static IStream OleFunctions.coMarshalInterThreadInterfaceInStream(IID riid, IUnknown pUnk)
          Wrapper for CoMarshalInterThreadInterfaceInStream method.
static void OleFunctions.coMarshalInterface(IStream pStm, IID riid, IUnknown pUnk, MshCtx dwDestContext, MshlFlags mshlflags)
          Wrapper for CoMarshalInterface API function.
 Int32 IRunningObjectTable.register(RotFlags grfFlags, IUnknown pUnkObject, IMoniker pmkObjectName)
 void IObjectWithSite.setSite(IUnknown pUnkSite)
 Int32 IConnectionPoint.advise(IUnknown pObjetPtr)
 void IBindCtx.registerObjectBound(IUnknown pUnk)
 void IBindCtx.revokeObjectBound(IUnknown pUnk)
 void IBindCtx.registerObjectParam(OleStr pszKey, IUnknown pUnk)

Uses of IUnknown in com.jniwrapper.win32.ole.impl

Classes in com.jniwrapper.win32.ole.impl that implement IUnknown
 class IAdviseSinkImpl
          Represents COM interface IAdviseSink.
 class IBindCtxImpl
          Represents COM interface IBindCtx.
 class IConnectionPointContainerImpl
          Represents COM interface IConnectionPointContainer.
 class IConnectionPointImpl
          Represents COM interface IConnectionPoint.
 class IContinueCallbackImpl
 class IDataObjectImpl
          Represents COM interface IDataObject.
 class IDropSourceImpl
          Represents COM interface IDropSource.
 class IDropTargetImpl
          Represents COM interface IDropTarget.
 class IEnumConnectionPointsImpl
          Represents COM interface IEnumConnectionPoints.
 class IEnumConnectionsImpl
          Represents COM interface IEnumConnections.
 class IEnumFormatEtcImpl
          Represents COM interface IEnumFormatEtc.
 class IEnumOleDocumentViewsImpl
          Represents COM interface IEnumOleDocumentViews.
 class IEnumOleVerbImpl
          Represents COM interface IEnumOleVerb.
 class IEnumStatDataImpl
          Represents COM interface IEnumStatData.
 class IInPlacePrintPreviewImpl
          Represents COM interface IInplacePrintPreview.
 class IObjectSafetyImpl
          Represents COM interface IObjectSafety.
 class IObjectWithSiteImpl
          Represents COM interface IObjectWithSite.
 class IOleCacheImpl
          Represents COM interface IOleCache.
 class IOleClientSiteImpl
          Represents COM interface IOleClientSite.
 class IOleCommandTargetImpl
          Represents COM interface IOleCommandTarget.
 class IOleContainerImpl
          Represents COM interface IOleContainer.
 class IOleControlImpl
          Represents COM interface IOleControl.
 class IOleControlSiteImpl
          Represents COM interface IOleControlSite.
 class IOleDocumentImpl
          Represents COM interface IOleDocument.
 class IOleDocumentSiteImpl
          Represents COM interface IOleDocumentSite.
 class IOleDocumentViewImpl
          Represents COM interface IOleDocumentView.
 class IOleInPlaceActiveObjectImpl
          Represents COM interface IOleInPlaceActiveObject.
 class IOleInPlaceFrameImpl
          Represents COM interface IOleInPlaceFrame.
 class IOleInPlaceObjectImpl
          Represents COM interface IOleInPlaceObject.
 class IOleInPlaceSiteExImpl
          Represents COM interface IOleInPlaceSiteEx.
 class IOleInPlaceSiteImpl
          Represents COM interface IOleInPlaceSite
 class IOleInPlaceUIWindowImpl
          Represents COM interface IOleInPlaceUIWindow.
 class IOleLinkImpl
          Represents COM interface IOleLink.
 class IOleObjectImpl
          Represents COM interface IOleObject.
 class IOleWindowImpl
          Represents COM interface IOleWindow.
 class IParseDisplayNameImpl
          Represents COM interface IParseDisplayName.
 class IPreviewCallbackImpl
 class IPrintImpl
 class IPropertyNotifySinkImpl
          Represents COM interface IPropertyNotifySink.
 class IProvideClassInfoImpl
 class IRunningObjectTableImpl
          Represents COM interface IRunningObjectTable.
 class IViewObject2Impl
          Represents COM interface IViewObject2.
 class IViewObjectImpl
          Represents COM interface IViewObject.

Methods in com.jniwrapper.win32.ole.impl that return IUnknown
 IUnknown IRunningObjectTableImpl.getObject(IMoniker pmkObjectName)
 IUnknown IOleLinkImpl.getBoundSource()
 IUnknown IOleDocumentViewImpl.getDocument()
 IUnknown IObjectWithSiteImpl.getSite(IID riid)
 IUnknown IBindCtxImpl.getObjectParam(OleStr pszKey)

Methods in com.jniwrapper.win32.ole.impl with parameters of type IUnknown
 Int32 IRunningObjectTableImpl.register(RotFlags grfFlags, IUnknown pUnkObject, IMoniker pmkObjectName)
 void IObjectWithSiteImpl.setSite(IUnknown pUnkSite)
 Int32 IConnectionPointImpl.advise(IUnknown pObjetPtr)
 void IBindCtxImpl.registerObjectBound(IUnknown pUnk)
 void IBindCtxImpl.revokeObjectBound(IUnknown pUnk)
 void IBindCtxImpl.registerObjectParam(OleStr pszKey, IUnknown pUnk)

Constructors in com.jniwrapper.win32.ole.impl with parameters of type IUnknown
IViewObjectImpl(IUnknown that)
IViewObjectImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IViewObject2Impl(IUnknown that)
IViewObject2Impl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IRunningObjectTableImpl(IUnknown that)
IRunningObjectTableImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IProvideClassInfoImpl(IUnknown that)
IProvideClassInfoImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IPropertyNotifySinkImpl(IUnknown that)
IPropertyNotifySinkImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IPrintImpl(IUnknown that)
IPrintImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IPreviewCallbackImpl(IUnknown that)
IPreviewCallbackImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IParseDisplayNameImpl(IUnknown that)
IParseDisplayNameImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IOleWindowImpl(IUnknown that)
IOleWindowImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IOleObjectImpl(IUnknown that)
IOleObjectImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IOleLinkImpl(IUnknown that)
IOleLinkImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IOleInPlaceUIWindowImpl(IUnknown that)
IOleInPlaceUIWindowImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IOleInPlaceSiteImpl(IUnknown that)
IOleInPlaceSiteImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IOleInPlaceSiteExImpl(IUnknown that)
IOleInPlaceSiteExImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IOleInPlaceObjectImpl(IUnknown that)
IOleInPlaceObjectImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IOleInPlaceFrameImpl(IUnknown that)
IOleInPlaceFrameImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IOleInPlaceActiveObjectImpl(IUnknown that)
IOleInPlaceActiveObjectImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IOleDocumentViewImpl(IUnknown that)
IOleDocumentViewImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IOleDocumentSiteImpl(IUnknown that)
IOleDocumentSiteImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IOleDocumentImpl(IUnknown that)
IOleDocumentImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IOleControlSiteImpl(IUnknown that)
IOleControlSiteImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IOleControlImpl(IUnknown that)
IOleControlImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IOleContainerImpl(IUnknown that)
IOleContainerImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IOleCommandTargetImpl(IUnknown that)
IOleCommandTargetImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IOleClientSiteImpl(IUnknown that)
IOleClientSiteImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IOleCacheImpl(IUnknown that)
IOleCacheImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IObjectWithSiteImpl(IUnknown that)
IObjectWithSiteImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IObjectSafetyImpl(IUnknown that)
IObjectSafetyImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IInPlacePrintPreviewImpl(IUnknown that)
IInPlacePrintPreviewImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IEnumStatDataImpl(IUnknown that)
IEnumStatDataImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IEnumOleVerbImpl(IUnknown that)
IEnumOleVerbImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IEnumOleDocumentViewsImpl(IUnknown that)
IEnumOleDocumentViewsImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IEnumFormatEtcImpl(IUnknown that)
IEnumFormatEtcImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IEnumConnectionsImpl(IUnknown that)
IEnumConnectionsImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IEnumConnectionPointsImpl(IUnknown that)
IEnumConnectionPointsImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IDropTargetImpl(IUnknown that)
IDropTargetImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IDropSourceImpl(IUnknown that)
IDropSourceImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IDataObjectImpl(IUnknown that)
IDataObjectImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IContinueCallbackImpl(IUnknown that)
IContinueCallbackImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IConnectionPointImpl(IUnknown that)
IConnectionPointImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IConnectionPointContainerImpl(IUnknown that)
IConnectionPointContainerImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IBindCtxImpl(IUnknown that)
IBindCtxImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IAdviseSinkImpl(IUnknown that)
IAdviseSinkImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)

Uses of IUnknown in com.jniwrapper.win32.ole.types

Methods in com.jniwrapper.win32.ole.types that return IUnknown
 IUnknown StgMedium.getPUnkForRelease()
 IUnknown OleUIInsertObject.getPpvObj()
 IUnknown OleUIEditLinks.getLpOleUILinkContainer()
 IUnknown OleUIChangeSource.getLpOleUILinkContainer()
 IUnknown ConnectData.getAdvisorySink()

Uses of IUnknown in com.jniwrapper.win32.stg

Subinterfaces of IUnknown in com.jniwrapper.win32.stg
 interface IEnumStatStg
          This interface enumerates { @link com.jniwrapper.win32.stg.types.StatStg} structures.
 interface ILockBytes
          This interface isolates the root storage from details of accessing to a physical storage.
 interface IRootStorage
          This interface is used for storing an object to file.
 interface ISequentialStream
 interface IStorage
          This interface is used for management of structured storage objects.
 interface IStream
          This interface is used for reading and writing data to stream objects.

Uses of IUnknown in com.jniwrapper.win32.stg.impl

Classes in com.jniwrapper.win32.stg.impl that implement IUnknown
 class IEnumStatStgImpl
          Represents COM interface IEnumSTATSTG.
 class ILockBytesImpl
          Represents COM interface ILockBytes.
 class IRootStorageImpl
          Represents COM interface IRootStorage.
 class ISequentialStreamImpl
 class IStorageImpl
          Represents COM interface IStorage.
 class IStreamImpl
          Represents COM interface IStream.

Constructors in com.jniwrapper.win32.stg.impl with parameters of type IUnknown
IStreamImpl(IUnknown that)
IStreamImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IStorageImpl(IUnknown that)
IStorageImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
ISequentialStreamImpl(IUnknown that)
ISequentialStreamImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IRootStorageImpl(IUnknown that)
IRootStorageImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
ILockBytesImpl(IUnknown that)
ILockBytesImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IEnumStatStgImpl(IUnknown that)
IEnumStatStgImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)